Our technical support department is comprised of well-trained staff that day-to-day improves our website, our online store and all our services in general.

  • Are you experiencing technical problems with our site?
  • Did you see an error and want to report it?
  • Did you see an inconsistency in a product?
  • Can not you complete your order online for technical reasons?

You can use the following contact methods so a representative from our support department can help you out:

  1. Via email at the address support@bestarlet.gr
  2. Using the contact form in this page

You can also download the AnyDesk software directly from here to help our technicians solve any of your problems remotely.

Our Support Department will respond to you as soon as possible and on a priority order basis, usually within one (1) business day.

Before you get in touch with us you can try refreshing our page, restarting your browser or your computer as it would help you make sure that the issue you were experiencing was not isolated.

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